10 Tips for Your Next Group Trip

Wrangling up all of your crazy friends for a trip might sound like an impossible challenge, but we're here to help.

Aaron Johnson | Nov 24, 2019

Wrangling up all of your crazy friends for a trip might sound like an impossible challenge, but we're here to help. We've put together 10 of our best ideas (and resources!) for a fun and unforgettable group trip for you and your squad.


Ship Your Luggage

This idea might sound crazy at first, but give us a minute. Imagine traveling with your besties on a dream vacay and not having to worry about your luggage at ALL. This means no schlepping your stuff around and no getting stuck at the luggage carousel. All you need to worry about is your neck pillow, your mags and your airplane snacks. Use a service likeLugLessto send all of your bags (or skis, golf clubs, etc) ahead of time, and it will all be waiting for you as soon as you get to your destination.

Track It All

When you're traveling with a big group there are so many details to track.Travefycan help you sort through every last one of 'em. Use the app to plan each day's itinerary, ask the group questions, vote on decisions and chat with everyone in real time to work it all out. You can also easily import travel documents, share maps and collect money for any shared expenses for your group's adventures.

Go Back to Summer Camp

If you've been missing your summer camp days, it might be time to recapture your youth at theSummer Camp Hotelin Martha's Vineyard. There's plenty of nostalgia like the hotel's "canteen" where you can go for a snack or large ping-pong tables to keep everyone busy. But it's also way cozier than the twin beds back in your old camp bunk. Best of all, you'll be on Martha's Vineyard with all your friends, so you can enjoy the beach as well as the best restaurants and activities on the island.

Take On a Unique (Airbnb) Experience

We've all heard of hotel alternative Airbnb, but you might not have heard about their newest creation:Experiences. In every city where Airbnb exists, hosts and non-hosts are able to put together unique, unexpected activities that your group can sign up for (and you don't need to be staying in an Airbnb to enjoy them!). You can join in activities like rooftop silent disco yoga in Los Angeles, surf school in Bali, taxidermy class in London or glassblowing in Chicago. Wherever you and your friends are headed, search through the site and try to find some fun adventures to add to your itinerary.

Track Money

Splitwiseis another must-have app if you plan on hitting the road with all of your group. The app allows you to keep a running tab of all the money you owe each other throughout the trip. If you spring for movie tickets on night one and buy everyone tacos on day three, Splitwise will keep track of it all. Each person can keep track of all of the expenses they need to be paid back for, and at the end of the trip, you can all easily pay each other without a stack of receipts and IOUs.

Let Disney Plan Your Trip

Disney might seem like an obvious choice if you're going on a trip with kids. But believe it or not, it's also a killer destination even if you're just with adults. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., is the bigger of the two U.S. parks and can offer days of fun beyond the Magic Kingdom. They also have Epcot (eat your way around the world!), Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. If you're traveling with a group of 10 people or more,Disney Group Getawayscan help you plan your whole trip from start to finish.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

A fun activity that you and your friends could do almost anywhere is a group scavenger hunt. And while you might not be up for planning one yourselves, there's an app you can use instead.Goose Chasecan help you plan your entire scavenger hunt. It allows you to build your own game by giving your group a name, choosing different types of missions and tracking everyone's progress in real time. Keep score and make sure to bring along some special prizes for your winning team once the hunt is over.

Get Dinner Reservations Anywhere

If you're the most organized person in your group, step up to the plate and agree to handle all the restaurant reservations. UseOpenTableto check out restaurants in a ton of different cities, and plan the meals for everyone. The app allows you to make reservations, ask questions of the restaurant and look at menus and more.

Go on an Oprah Cruise

If you and your friends really want to live your best lives this year, maybe you should all go on one ofOprah's themed cruises. Oprah has teamed up with Holland America to put together transformative trips. O Magazine editors join leaders fromOprah's SuperSoul 100for a few life-changing days at sea. The trip includes things like morning meditations, O's Reading Room, Spiritual sessions and eating guidance.

Get a Little Matchy-Matchy

You can't plan a group trip without finding a fun item you can get for everyone to remember the vacation. A T-shirt is always a great idea for the group, but you can get a lot more creative. If you're going on a group tropical vacay, you can get matching beach hats for all of your girlfriends. If you're going to a great shopping destination, why not get custom tote bags for you and your friends? Once you settle on a group gift, make sure to give yourself enough time before you leave to order one for everyone.