Top 10 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers

Europe is a big place full of monuments and museums that can make your head spin. The sheer amount of things in Europe can get overwhelming, especially for a solo traveler.

Jay Brownstein | Oct 31, 2019

Europe is a big place full of monuments and museums that can make your head spin. The sheer amount of things in Europe can get overwhelming, especially for a solo traveler. And while you should definitely check out the historical sites, you should also take some time to do some real exploring. It's the day when you get lost on a city that lead to the most exciting adventures and to the most memorable stories.

So when you go to Europe make sure to choose some destinations that are bound to lead to adventure and wonder. Here is a list of our 10 favorite cities for you to explore on your solo trip abroad.

10. Paris

There is no greater place to get lost than in the City of Lights. Paris's winding roads and old walkways are there to lead you to some of the most beautiful sites in the world. It is a city of artists and tramps. When you go there be sure to check out English Shakespearean Bookstore where you can become a Tumbleweed and stay in Paris for free.

9. Bruges

Charter the canals and swim under ancient bridges where trees dip into the water. It is literally like a city out of a fair tale.

8. Dublin

Dublin is Ireland's most famous city. Here you can take in some real Irish pride at any local pub or brewery. Of course the city isn't just all about drinking. It is an ideal city to walk around and explore some castles. It is also ranked as the safest city in the world

7. Vienna

The City of Music is truly a musical place. In this Austrian city you can sip coffee by day at traditional cafes and go to operas by night.

6. Bergen

Norway is a solo traveler's dream and is ideal for backpacking. Look out for the NESCO Heritage wooden houses of Bryggen, the outdoor fish market, and Flibanen funicular.

5. Berlin

Germany is a country full of both new and old. It has survived many wars and tumultuous history that you can see in every city and town. But there is no better city to check out than Berlin. The city is constantly altering itself and changing with the times. Stay in a hostel when you're take a take tours with your fellow travelers. Sights to see for any backpacker are the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate.

4. Reykjavik

Iceland is a far greener than the name lets off. This island nation is known as one of the world's most peaceful countries and has one of the lowest crime rates. During the summer months daylight can last up to 21 hours and flying there can cost as little at. are as low as $442. The city, Reykjavik, offers free walking tours, cheap hostels, and is home to a hot dog stand you must eat at. Baejarins Beztu Pylsur served hot dogs to both Billl Clinton and Kim Kardashian.

3. Lucerne

Lucerne is a beautiful getaway for young solo travelers. There you can walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain and check out Lake Lucerne. The central town is highly walkable and tourist friendly.

2. London

London is known as a world class city for a reason. It's easy to navigate trains and airports make traveling effortless for any young solo traveler. Take a Harry Potter tour, see Windsor, say hello to the queen -- it's all possible in this magical city.

1. Prague

This historic city in the Czech Republic is one of the best cities in the world for travel. It is a walkable size and has some of the best sights around. Here you can see from the city's rooftops, chapels, palaces, and gothic cathedrals. You'll also find it to be remarkably affordable, which is a plus for any traveler wandering the country on their own.